Thursday, September 28, 2006

PSE-4 Collages Lesson 2

Used many techniques from this lesson and from previous lessons and classes. The only requested post was the Key Collage, however I was pleased with some of the other class exercises so I also posted Exercise 6, which modifed the edge of a picture and also a collage I did with my own pictures instead of the dandelion picture that was used in the lesson example.

I got carried away on the Key Collage, and the result may be too 'b
usy', but it was very fun to do and once you get started it is very hard to stop.

Key Collage

Exercise 6

Flower Collage

Sunday, September 24, 2006

PSE 4 Making Your Photos Pop - Lesson 2

This Lesson was on different ways to adjust exposure and lighting for print correction.

Buck Uncorrected

Buck Corrected using Levels

Buck Original Corrected using Highlights and Shadow Correction

Buck Black and White using Highlights and Shadows Method
Buck Black and White using Threshold Method

Sunday, September 17, 2006

PSE 4 Collages - Lesson 1

This was a really fun lesson. Learned a lot about selections and made a couple of fun collages.

One-image Collage - Version 1

One-image Collage - Version 2

Scissor Cut Collage

Images Faded Together

Original 1

Original 2

Faded Result

Friday, September 15, 2006

PSE 4 Making Your Photos Pop - Lesson 1

Note: The Airplane and Capital originals were taken on a cloudy day from the Potomac River using a 400mm lens on my Minolta SLR. The originals you see below have been cropped down to about 10% of the original thus losing some resolution. The original pictures aren't great, but they work well for this lesson.

Using Quick Fix


After Quick Fix
using a number of Fix options

Using Many of the Blend, Selection, Color Cast and other tools



Selection Hi-lite and Color Chan

Original Flower

Selection Hi-lite

Color Replacement