Thursday, September 28, 2006

PSE-4 Collages Lesson 2

Used many techniques from this lesson and from previous lessons and classes. The only requested post was the Key Collage, however I was pleased with some of the other class exercises so I also posted Exercise 6, which modifed the edge of a picture and also a collage I did with my own pictures instead of the dandelion picture that was used in the lesson example.

I got carried away on the Key Collage, and the result may be too 'b
usy', but it was very fun to do and once you get started it is very hard to stop.

Key Collage

Exercise 6

Flower Collage

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jackbear said...

Wow, those are neat collages! Looks like a scrapbook page! Love the textures....great job! Looks like your having fun..!