Sunday, October 01, 2006

PSE-4 Making Your Photos Pop - Lesson 3

This lesson introduced me to many new tools and was quite challenging. I have to practice more with the cloning and healing tools. My first try was the Lion pair and while I was able to improve the picture, it is somewhat noticable that I cloned etc.

The Birders and Lions was just a fun way to clone from one pi
cture to another. A fun look at Birding

Jackson Square in New Orleans turned out the best. It is impossible to get a picture of it without people around. Also very gray skies the day I took the picture. Note: the sky replacement was from a series of cloud pictures that I took one day when the clouds and sky were just perfect from the parking lot of my company. I tried to bring out something in the sky before I used my stock clouds, but to no avail. Hue changes we too obvious and looked fake. Nothing like real blue sky and clouds.

Lion Pair

Used: Burn Tool, Healing Brush, Cloning, Sharpen Tool, Smudge Tool and Sponge.



Cloning From Different Picture


Jackson Square, NOLA
Used Crop, Resize, Straighten, Reduce Color Noise, Adjust Shadows, Stock Clouds, Clone Tool, Healing Brushes




jackbear said...

Hey, those are a lot of fun! Somehow I missed those lions at Montezuma..?!!

RLB said...

Yeah, I think we should have won the contest. A few lions should have been the same as maybe a hundred birds!! :)