Thursday, November 09, 2006

Photoshop Pizzazz! - Lesson 1

Assignment 1

Exercise 1
Original Picture

Poster Edges Once

Poster Edges Twice

Exercise 2
Original for both Exercise 2 & 3

Cutout Filter w/desaturation

Exercise 3

Film Grain: Grain=8, Highlight=12, Intensity=10

Sponge: Brush Size=2, Definition=12, Smoothing=5

Dry Brush: Size=2, Detail=8, Texture=1

Colored Pencil: Width=4,Stroke Pressure=8,Paper Brightness=39

Smudge Stick: Length=7,Hightlight Area=9,Intensity=10

Neon Glow: Size=14, Brightness=19

Exercise 4
Original Picture
Gaussian Blur for Depth of Field

Exercise 5

Line Drawing

Assignment 2
Original Picture

Dry Brush

Dry Brush, Cutout w/Canvas Texture

Dry Brush, Paint Daubs and Film Grain all on one layer then Screened with Orignal

Assignment 3 - Textures
B&W Clouds w/Noise


Blue and White Clouds

Wood Grain

Assignment 4 - Artificial Smoke

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jackbear said...

WOW I got to learn how to do some of that line drawing....awesome!!!