Friday, December 01, 2006

Photoshop Pizzazz! - Lesson 4

This was a fun lesson with lots of variety. I like my results on everything except some of my Borders did not seem very dramatic, not sure what to do to improve them.

My Book
The book was really fun and cool to do. Not sure I will remember all the steps, but I have the lessons printed out for reference. My edge burn is not quite in the correct spot I still think the effect is ok. I is hard to see in the small low res image on the web, but I added some detail to the book side and bottom. I used the fibers texture on the side to give it some detail and some other texture on the darker bottom. Sorry do not remember what it was. I just experimented.

Diffuse Filter Technique

Several Border Examples

Type Filled w/Image

Sphere Examples

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