Wednesday, November 01, 2006

PSE-4 Update

Well, it has been several weeks since I posted any homework on my courses and the reason is that I have not had chance to complete the last two lessons in the Collage course and the last lesson in Making Photos Pop. Work, Travel and other stuff have filled my days and nights lately. However I have been doing some work with PSE-4 for some picture needs at work.

We just put online our updated site for RBB Systems, for which I did the photography and picture selection. Please check in out at:

In addition we have several complex systems, which we recently completed and it appears we will be building about 40 of these units a year. They have several computer boards in them with many jumpers and switches that need to be set correctly for the appropriate application. It was felt that a visual way of checking the settings was easier to use and also would be less susceptible to misinterpretation that just a written list. The result is the following two pictures which I did the photography and PSE-4 work on. Used lots of the things I learned in Sara's classes.

Hope to finish my actual lessons before November 5th, as that is when two new classes are starting. This 6 weeks I am taking another PSE-4 course along
with a beginning HTML class. Wish me well.

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