Tuesday, February 27, 2007

RBB Literature

The following pictures depict the new RBB Literature. As you may know I normally use this Blog to post my homework for my PSE 4 lessons that I am taking from the Eclectic Academy. However, as you can see from the literature below, I have been so busy using what I have learned from Sara to develop our new literature, that I had minimal time for actual homework. Thus I was only able to finish the first three lessons on the last course. I did print out all the lessons and will complete them as time permits.

In addition I have been taking photos for our newsletter that will come out in two weeks along with tweaks on our web site: www.rbbsystems.com

And at home we are in the process of remodeling 3 rooms in our house. I am trying my hand at Faux painting!! My colorwashing using a brush turned out great, now to s
ee if the metallic look is going to work in the new master bath. Whew, I get tired just typing what the last 3 months have been like. Soon, maybe the drywall dust will all be gone!!!

Note: There are some typos and some alignment issues that need to be fine tuned before the literature is printed. The brochure is 8 pages, thus I am showing the front and back as individual pages and the internal pages as a double wide page, which is how it would appear in print.

Note: As always if you click on a picture you will get a larger version with more detail.

Front Cover

Pages 2-3

Pages 4-5

Pages 6-7

Back Cover

Friday, February 02, 2007

Photoshop More Pizzazz! - Lesson 3

Really had fun with this lesson. Clear brush painting was really different and the Actions from Panos were fantastic. I got carried away and posted way more that 2 Action Samples. All of the actions used were the free ones for Elements from Panos.

Clear Brush Painting

Original for Brush

Abstract Lions

Using Action Variations on Several Pictures

Puzzle Variations using a Picture of Sandy and me that my Uncle made recently in his first course from Sara.

Original for all of the Various Actions

Stamp Action

Spiral Action

Puzzle Action

Unsolved Puzzle

Photo Album

Cracked Wall Painting

Big Picture

Rubik Cube