Tuesday, February 27, 2007

RBB Literature

The following pictures depict the new RBB Literature. As you may know I normally use this Blog to post my homework for my PSE 4 lessons that I am taking from the Eclectic Academy. However, as you can see from the literature below, I have been so busy using what I have learned from Sara to develop our new literature, that I had minimal time for actual homework. Thus I was only able to finish the first three lessons on the last course. I did print out all the lessons and will complete them as time permits.

In addition I have been taking photos for our newsletter that will come out in two weeks along with tweaks on our web site: www.rbbsystems.com

And at home we are in the process of remodeling 3 rooms in our house. I am trying my hand at Faux painting!! My colorwashing using a brush turned out great, now to s
ee if the metallic look is going to work in the new master bath. Whew, I get tired just typing what the last 3 months have been like. Soon, maybe the drywall dust will all be gone!!!

Note: There are some typos and some alignment issues that need to be fine tuned before the literature is printed. The brochure is 8 pages, thus I am showing the front and back as individual pages and the internal pages as a double wide page, which is how it would appear in print.

Note: As always if you click on a picture you will get a larger version with more detail.

Front Cover

Pages 2-3

Pages 4-5

Pages 6-7

Back Cover

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