Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birding June 18th

My Birding interest continues to grown and while I have downloaded some software for my Palm to log my sightings my main interest is in seeing new birds and enjoying the beauty of all of nature and having fun. In fact both my blood pressure and my cholesterol are the best they have been in years which I credit to my enjoying my new adventures in life!!

I had some interesting sightings over the past few days. I saw the Orioles chasing a Red Tailed Hawk away from their nest and saw a new bird perched in the trees. Using my binoculars and Sibley I determined it was a Great Crested Flycatcher! I have been taking some pictures both from the deck and from the kitchen through the window of birds at my feeders. Below are the results, no unusual birds and not great pictures, but I am learning. I need to get a blind set up on the deck so I can sit closer without scaring the birds away. Also need to keep the cats off of the deck. More later.

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