Sunday, June 29, 2008

Catching Up - Fun in April

I am very late in posting a very fun trip I took in April with my son-in-law, John. John is a fun guy who loves adventures and doing new things. Also, he involves me in his adventures. More posts later on my becoming a birder.

This trip was involved with John's Story Telling hobby. He has been doing some story telling in the Rochester area along with combining it with his love of technology and podcasting. Collecting stories from Rochester story tellers and making podcasts of them has been a passion of his for the past couple of years. The result was that he made a presentation on Podcasting, at a LANES Story Telling Conference in New Hampshire. I was invited along for both fun and as a tech support guy, bringing along my 4 laptops and associated hardware. His presentation was well received and we had a fun trip. I did learn that the Applebee's near out hotel made a excellent Gin Martini-Well done and a large pour. This is in contrast to our local Appebees which makes a very bland small martini.

We also did some letterboxing on the our travels, however one of the high lights was a stop we made at a Sugar Camp on the way. The father of one of John's co-workers has been boiling maple sap for many years and we were passing by a the right time to stop in and observe the process. I remember seeing my Uncle's Sugar Camp when I was about 6 or 7. He used horses to collect the sap from the sugar bush. The camp we stopped at on this trip was on a hill side, so they had rigged up tubing from the trees and had a gravity feed into a collection vat. Was a fun stop and we did leave with some Maple Syrup. Here are John and I learning and watching.

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jackbear said...

mmm..I can smell that syrup now!