Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shreve Swamp - June 5th

Two years ago, John asked to go along on a Birding Contest, "Montezuma Muckrace". The result was fun 24 hours in Sept. the last two years and a budding interest in Birding. This spring I had the time to enjoy the birds at our feeder while I would prepare and eat breakfast. There were many birds I couldn't identify, out came my bird book and found out I needed help. John has been birding for several years and so I wou
ld call or email him to ask what this or that bird was. On our joint trip to San Antonio, John and I spent a morning letter boxing and birding and I came home hooked on birding. I ordered several new bird feeders for my deck and started studying my Sibley Guide.

John and Laura came home the 1st week of June for a graduation and Brian's birthday. John and I reserved the 5th for a birding day in Shreve
Swamp!! Earlier in the week, he helped me set up the new feeders and we spent time watching from the living room while enjoying a few beers!! We found an Oriole nest near the deck and really enjoyed watching the Oriole pair flying back and forth to their nest.Here is what my deck feeder set up looks like.

Oriole Nest

On Thursday morning we got up early, well 8 am is early for me!! We picked up the "Golfer Special" breakfast sandwiches that Sandy had made for us and headed to the swamp. Was a really fun day and saw lots of birds and discovered some really good viewing sites. We logged 33 species, many of which were firsts for me. We also discovered a place where we saw Red Headed Woodpeckers and also saw other wildlife. Especially impressive were the hundreds of Bull Frogs. We came back in the evening and both of us experienced for the first time the synchronized sound of hundreds of bull frogs. Really cool sound.

We continued to bird through out the rest of the week and I saw my first night hawks. Pictures are of our day in the swamp. Please be forewarned that my macro photo of the red bug(anyone know what it is?) was thought to be a macro shot of a single bug. Imagine my surprise when enlarging the picture I discovered that there were two bugs. enjoying an afternoon together.

We were also able to observe a Bald Eagle soaring overhead.

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jackbear said...

This was a fun day. I really enjoyed it! Wow, that picture of the geese really turned out well...that looks so cool. Birds in flight pictures astound me!