Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rock Flipping Day - 2008

I discovered Rock Flipping Day a couple of weeks ago as I expanded my search for Birding Blogs and other interesting sites. This year the day was Sunday Sept. 7th. I am behind in my blogging so am several days late in posting my results. For more information on the event and for a listing of people who participated check out:

My results are as follows:

Before FlippingAfterClose-up
As you can see I found a slug and some black muti-segmented crawly thing. This was a really cool thing to do, but I am going to need to brush up on my crawly knowledge before next year.

I thought it might be fun for my neighbors who have twins that just started Kindergarten, so I went up to their house and both of them tried it. We didn't have much success as the rocks were near their house and there wasn't much soil underneath them as the area had been filled with ash/limestone. They had fun I think and I confirmed with them that I was a neat, but strange guy next door.


pablo said...

Welcome to the madness of rock flipping. I think it's wonderful that you included the neighbor kids. (In 10 years, when they're out late at night with their buddies looking for houses to TP, they're going to remember you as the nice guy and leave your house alone.)

Dave Coulter said...

Well done!

KatDoc said...

Nice flip! Congrats for including kids in your day; I think I will have to recruit some kids to help me next year.

The fun is in the flip, but I found out how little I know about the underground world. I will have to learn more about crawlies, too, before next year.