Wednesday, February 02, 2011


This seems like a good time to reactivate my blogging activity.  2010 was year that was a difficult one from a personal perspective, thus a new year brings renewal and  a commitment to continue this adventure called life!
My motto has always been: "Never grow up and never stop learning!".  So it is time to expand my horizons and continue to find new adventures.
I originally stared this blog as a place for displaying my photos for critiquing in an on-line photo course I was taking.  It served that need very well.  I then continued to post some miscellaneous thoughts after that, but have been dormant since mid 2008.  I am now starting my 4th year of retirement and also my new career as a  photographer.  I have also become very active on Facebook and in the blogging world.  The result is that you will see both my photography and thoughts expressed here and also on Facebook.
I can not promise daily or even weekly posts, but will post when when I feel the need.
Photography has become a very exciting endeavor for me.  I continue my education by participating in workshops and photo-shoot adventures.  The results can be see on my web page at: 3 Oaks Photography.
Feel free to email me or comment about anything that might interest you.